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As implemented in the smoking of tobacco, from roughly the pipe in the Indian hookah in the development of Turk, show a much more diverse than even the most different types of tobacco plants.
The documents used Indians for the inhalation of tobacco smoke are not less remarkable for Europeans than the factory.
In the rough treatment of smoke inhalation and intoxication with the smoke suggested that the Spaniards in better way to "taking of tobacco." Hariot, however, found clay pipes used by the Indians of Virginia, which although not like the smoking implements discovered by Columbus, it seems, for The model for those who afterwards made a colony in Virginia.
Sailors Columbus seems to be the first find cigar and pipe smoking is not as easy a method, used by natives, consisted of leaves of maize, which is enwrapped leaves several plants.
The following documents were found in use among the Indians was a straight, hollow reeds and forked canes.
Their Mode of use is to place a few leaves on the coals of fire and the deployment of forked end of the nostrils and others after smoking leaves, inhale the smoke, until they were stupified or drunk with smoke.
Their object to inhaling smoke from tobacco is likely to produce intoxication and indifference, rather than mode of use, though their mind is made up of the most remarkable vision when stupefied its vapors.
Such were the ways of smoking among Indians when Columbus planted Banner of Spain in America.
A writer in the tobacco plant gave a very interesting description of the Indian pipes in use among from North and South America.
He said: "In the tumuli or Indian grave mounds of Ohio and the Scioto valley, a large number of pipes was Found, bearing traces of Indian ingenuity.
Their mounds are of great antiquity, is proved by the fact trees that are several centuries of growing them.
About twenty five years ago, two eminent archaeologist Squier and Davis - wide exploration of these mounds, the results which were published in the development of memories at the Smithsonian Institution.
In barrows indicate that enormous amount of labor has been expended on them, as earth mounds, and may be assigned to thousands, or requiring a long time and great people as well as much likelihood of suggestion of Sir John Lubbock, that these parts of America, once lived in the numerous and rural population.
He wondered, maybe there is a race that erected these vast mounds have become extinct, or they are in poor uncivilized tribes of Indians, whom the Europeans found living in river valleys in Ohio and Illinois? Many of these mounds in the form of snakes, and symbolic figures, and it was obvious associated with the sacrificial cult of the mound builders."

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