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"The poet May rose to sing in sheet, and call it pure and sweet, that blows, but still leaves
that has ever been convicted, give me tobacco leaves rolled up and dried. "
Smoking cigars is now considered the best, as he is the most fashionable mode of use of weed. Definite article
Word of cigars from the Spanish cigarro, and refers to a cylindrical roll of tobacco leaves, from short pieces
or shreds of leaves removed from the trunk and the wound on with astringent and enveloped in some of
know the name of a wrapper leaf - acute on one end and truncated at the other. In eastern India, a
cigar called cheroot was also made with both ends truncated. In the smoking of tobacco products in the form of a cigar
Undoubtedly, the most common and the most ancient mode of its use. When Columbus landed in Haiti,
sailors saw residents smoke leaves the plant, the aroma, which was fragrant and grateful. "
But while the cigars are very ancient origin in the West Indies, they were not widely known in Europe until
in the early nineteenth century. In fact, of all the various works on gastronomy and fun
tables, written and published from 1800 to 1815, but did not say this is an indispensable complement to
a good dinner. Even Britlat-Savarin, in his Physiologie du Gute, completely ignores the tobacco and all its madness
and fascinates. Benzo gives the following account of the manufacture of cigars in Hispaniola: --
"They take leafe stems from their big bastard of corn (which we usually call Turkie - wheat)
together with one of the tobacco leaves and put them together, as the coffin of paper such as grocers
to put spices, or as a small pipe organ. Then putting one end of the coffin into the fire, and
Holding the other end into your mouth, they get their breath for them. When the fire he once again adopted by the
tube end, they bring so much smoke indicated that they have a mouth, nose, throat and head are full of it, and how
if they tooke particular joy in doing so, they never leave supping and drinking until you can no longer support, as well as
thereby losing their breath, and their feelings. "
Sahagun, in his "History of New Spain," said Aboriginal people as the use of tobacco leaves rolled in cigar
they ignite and chimneys in the shell or silver. In the following article from New York
Time has a lot of valuable information in connection with cigars, particularly Havanas:

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