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Advice for all smokers of tobacco

Advice for all smokers of tobacco.
Sage old friend! with the verdict ripe; Come and join me in the tube.

The brother of a student! brother Joker, I salute thee, O! Brother smoker.

Smoke, O! men, each station Each climate of each nation.

East and West, and South and North, to recognize the worth of tobacco.

The red man! Suppose you end the fighting: smoke the calumet of peace.

Chinaman! shun opium grief: Use pure tobacco leaves.

The French! no longer enemies provoke: Follow the art world - and smoke!

German winners! crowned with laurel, smoke, content, and seek not to quarrel.

Americans do not have to try to blow the clouds, or to accept services.

Although the ranks of Europe to shake Dame school, Johnny Bull-smokers, quiet and cool.

Toffee, this will facilitate your brain, man! Smoke and rappee tobacco, and smoke again, man!

Paddy, lungs and hearts of gay men, smoke your dhudeen: short black clay.

Scot, in your Hielen 'hill, so' thy sneishin '; so' you Gill!

"Tourist," "You are far journey'd; rest and light mild cigar.

Sailor of the stormy sea, to carry out services, and take your ease.

"The soldier tired, postpone your shako, preparing to fire and burn tobacco.

Workman, a prize of your honest labor; Burn your weed and love thy neighbor!

Evil executing when you burn the weeds, and I think how soon 'twill be your turn.

Artist, let your "colors" to be pipe; you "figure", for free!

Niggard, moderate your greed! Corrected by your life, and take the weeds.

Lawyer, loose thy bitter grip! Burn your order - to the light pipe.

Statesman, haunted day and night, Blow cloud, puff-care!

Hardy tiller of the soil! Light Pipe; 'twill ease sweat.

Usurer, we certainly know you want to have your quid pro quo.

Merchant, chimneys thy hang help! Drafts are always honored there.

A gentle friend that trouble trouble! Cigarette calming.

Preacher! take a pinch with me: Snuff is dust, and so are we.

Hence with moralizings musty! I say life is "not so dusty."

Smoke in gladness; smoke in trouble; Soothe the last, the former double!

Teach the Fiji Indians, then, To chew their quids, instead of men.

Pain from heart and brain to wipe, Pass the weed, and fill your pipe!

Prince and peasant, lord and lackey, All in some form take their 'Baccy.

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