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Njoy Cigarette Starter Kit

Njoy cigarettes are a type of electronic cigarettes (aka electronic cigarette), which is designed to fulfill and satisfy similar to traditional

tobacco based cigarette. The device looks and feels like another cigarette with the decided difference: it has none of the carcinogens associated

with tobacco.

Njoy cigarettes offer a cigarette-style starter kit for customers wishing to switch to non-flammable, non toxic, does not cause cancer smoking

alternative is called electronic or e-cigarette.

In the Njoy electronic cigarette starter set retails around $ 110 and includes one cigarette style Njoy cigarettes, 4 gas cartridges, two 3.6 volt

Rechargeable lithium batteries, and charger.

A nicotine-filled cartridge pack consists of four cartridges. Each cartridge is the average of two normal style of tobacco cigarettes. Electronic

cigarettes safe alternative to traditional smoking, avoiding the harmful side effects. Second-hand smoke does not exist.

Njoy Cigarettes consist only of water vapor, nicotine, flavoring and propylene glycol. Since they are not legally considered to be a cigarette,

and they do not pass on the smoke of any kind, electronic cigarette can be used anywhere in their traditional partners are prohibited such as

bars, restaurants, and even airplanes.

FDA considers all components of the Njoy cigarettes as safe and not causing cancer. Nicotine itself is not considered, and toxicological effects

of trace amounts can be found in vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, eggplants and potatoes.

For many people, can lead to nicotine stimulation, a feeling of relaxation and tranquility and mental activity. The consequences may last from

minutes to hours, and for some individuals, nicotine may become habit forming and addictive.

After the Njoy Starter Kit is purchased, it is incredibly easy to use. Just Unscrew the indicator at one end and insert Njoy battery and screw the

tip back. Then, at the opposite end, screw on your choice of cartridges, and you're ready to go. It is as easy as coverage.

In the Njoy electronic cigarette starter kit comes in a cigar-type, as well. Both species are aesthetically designed to look and taste as their

traditional partners as possible. Cigars model comes in wood grain finish.

Smoking Njoy electronic cigarettes are not only reduce risks to health, but also gives the smoker's freedom to smoke in any place of their choice.

Virtually odorless, it is non-flammable, non tobacco based partners are cost-effective alternative to smoking cigarettes, without abandon the


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